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Apostolic Council

His Kingdom Ministries also has an Apostolic Council, and a Board of Directors. The Apostolic Council is comprised of 5 apostle/prophets, which provide spiritual accountability and counsel to Dr. Janet Shuler and the ministry of HKM. We also have an exceptional Board of Directors, 5 Trustees, they assist with the business aspects of the ministry. As noted below, the Core Leadership Team is in the trenches, shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Janet in the work(s) of the ministry.

Meet Our Core Leadership Team

The Core Leadership Team members serve/ lead daily in the spiritual and practical works of and initiated by His Kingdom Ministries (HKM). Both of these women of God participate in Spiritual Mapping, Boots-On-The-Ground (BoTG) assignments, and facilitate weekly HKM prayer calls. Meet this dynamic team!

Lena Perkins

Lena is a servant-leader in His Kingdom Ministries leading weekly prayer meetings, serving as a Board Trustee, and organizes committees for our annual Fire, Sword & Shield Conferences. Lena is a powerful, effectual intercessor. Lena came out of a church background of religiosity that she was never ‘at home’ in. She has broken free of that restrictive mold and is now joyfully, soaring in the Spirit. Lena has been walking with the Lord for close to 50 years. Having been through ‘deep waters’ she holds an honorary Ph. D. as a graduate from the “School of Hard Knocks”. Through deep levels of forgiveness, she has a powerful and moving testimony, which she shares in The Victor's Crown course. Her testimony has brought hope, encouragement and inner-healing to many. With the heart of a servant and the love & compassion of Christ she is an advocate for the unloved, an encourager to the broken-hearted. She reaches many, as one of her core values is multi-cultural diversity. In her professional life, she has a background in the medical field as a Massage Therapist. Currently she is in a management position in a public high school, working closely with teachers, staff and the students. Other titles and positions that Lena holds dear to her heart are Mother and Grandmother. 

Leasie Gem-Colon

Leasie is a servant-leader in His Kingdom Ministries leading weekly prayer meetings, serving as a co-teacher in HKM’s online courses and discussion groups. In one of her boots on the ground assignments with HKM she led deep and poignant dance ministry in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC, on Capitol Hill, in front of the Capitol Building of the USA. An altar of worship to the Lord was established there that day. Leasie is a discerning and prophetic intercessor. She is an elder in her home church in Paterson, NJ, overseeing the Dance Ministry there. With a passion for the Word of God, the Bible, Leasie brings exhortation from the Word in HKM prayer meetings, HKM courses, and leads Bible studies in her home church. She is also the founder and owner of Vine, Ltd., a fashion design brand. Leasie wears many hats: woman of God, Mother, entrepreneur, and designer. She is a true creative, with a career that is launching and sure to skyrocket! Her boutique with her own design line, has recently opened in NJ. One of her goals is to build a Goshen that will assist the kingdom of God financially. Love of family is dear to her heart. Leasie is a joyful wife and Mother. 

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